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Ziggurat Bass Pickup

Ziggurat Bass Pickup

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The Ziggurat Bass pickup is the first official Bass pickup on offer from Widdershins - after a lot of requests! I designed the first one as a replacement for a vintage Ric style bass - with the ultimate goal of creating a versatile, unique bass pickup capable of emulating punchy vintage tones and full blown heavy modern low end.

The Ziggurat has two full sized Alnico magnets using a mix of A3 and A2. The A3 accentuates the high mids and the highs, while the A2 rounds out the low end.

Each coil is ~7.1k (bridge) for a full powered pickup if split. I highly recommend using a push/pull or a switch to split this so the North A3 Coil is isolated when split. Al's bass tone from his work with Sleep, and OM in particular, was my primary inspiration sound-wise.

Total output (when wired as a humbucker)

Neck: ~12k

Bridge: ~ 14.2k

Given the diversity of bass pickups vs the industry standard size of something like a humbucker, the price of the Ziggurat includes custom sizing of the baseplate to fit your bass!

Please include the measurements center to center of your mounting screws, and your pickup cavity size. If you are not planning on modding your bass, it must be able to fit a pickup of 3"x1.3" which is the dimensions of the bobbins themselves. Please allow extra room on the side in the cavity for mounting.

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