"Widdershins is a term meaning to go counter-clockwise, to go anti-clockwise, or to go lefthandwise, or to walk around an object by always keeping it on the left. It goes against the movement of the sun, and is the unconventional way of doing things."


Widdershins Guitars is a one man operation making pickups, pedals and other custom guitar products in Toronto, Canada. Widdershins specializes in products designed with the Doom/Stoner/Drone/Sludge metal communities in mind, but, particularly because of the Doom, crosses over a lot with "vintage" style products.

Matt Laing has been woodworking and tinkering since he was a little kid. Once he started playing guitar and bass in his teens, he married these loves and has never stopped.

After years of modding old Offset Guitars, restoring any vintage and quirky instruments he could get his hand on, and learning everything he could about how guitars worked, he started designing and building his own custom guitars, pickups, parts and other instruments.

Matt found a lot of inspiration digging deep into the Doom Metal genre which helped him gain a clear idea of the kinds of sounds he wanted to create, and helped focus his work. His goal is to create things that inspire musicians and let them coax the sounds they have in their heads out into the real world. 

I'm between woodshops at the moment, but the goal is to one day get back to full custom guitars from scratch. If you like my work and want to see that happen, buying current products and/or subscribing to my social media and mailing list is a big help!