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Pickup Mystery Packs

Pickup Mystery Packs

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Just like the booster packs of the cards games of your childhood, my mystery packs hope to bring a little essence of the unknown back into your life, while giving you a great deal on a handwound, custom-made humbucker pickups.

I experiment a lot, on top of doing custom work orders. I always make more parts than I need, which means I have drawers full of parts in different colours, designs etc. 

If you buy a mystery pack, I'm going to wind you a pickup with some of these parts. You won't know the look or the pickup style before you open it up.

You get to choose the output range and position so you can be sure it'll work for your guitar and for your playing style, but everything else is up to me. No custom requests at all on these.

It could be one of my usual pickups, OR, you could strike it lucky with something rare and completely unique that I put together from different parts - kind of like a rare holo card maybe? That kind of a custom job costs more than a regular humbucker. 

Speaking of which, Regular humbuckers start at $119 USD, but choosing a mystery pack gets you a pickup for only $90, 25% off! 

They will come sealed in a bag. If you open this bag in a video and tag me in the post on instagram or tiktok, you'll be entered to win something else from Widdershins... 

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