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Widdershins Guitars



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My take on the classic P-90 pickup. Single-coil bite, with enough power to move mountains.

I offer this in two different specs: Vintage wound and Hot. 

Now wound on vintage correct Gibson style 49.2mm bobbins. 

Rather than the classic Alnico 5, I wind my Pagan-90s standard with Alnico 2 magnets, but do offer an Alnico 3 option for players who are looking for a less aggressive lows and a little more high-end definition. 

Offered with Unpolished Raw Nickel* metal, and black plastic covers.


Vintage Wound:

Neck: ~6.5K

Bridge: ~8.1K


Neck ~8.3K

Bridge ~10.3K

All done with vintage braided hookup wire.

*Raw nickel silver covers vary in appearance and may have varying levels or tarnish. They also may have light scratches or imperfections from the factory. I try to match sets to be similar if I can. If you want to drop a note I can try to accommodate a tarnish level as best I can. 

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