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Necromancer Humbucker

Necromancer Humbucker

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The Newest Offering from Widdershins.

Conjure up the souls of the dead, harness the sounds of their cries, and bend them to your will. But it is a lonely way you know, the way of the Necromancer - yes…

Bridge: ~13K


The Necromancer is a moderate output pickup that sits nicely in the current range of Widdershins pickups. It is ever so slightly hotter than a Cauldron humbucker, and is constructed with a rail bobbin, matched with a standard steel slug bobbin. These will push your amp, and have nice natural compression. 

The bobbin height is the same as the standard Lych Bells. 

The neck and the bridge pickups make use of two different magnets, A2 for the bridge and A3 for the neck.

It gives you the great aggressive bridge tone, and chimey neck that works great with cranked amps and heavy dirt. But they also sound nice and full when clean, and play beautifully with a little reverb. 

The result is, in my opinion, the best doom/stoner/sludge set for someone who wants more output than a vintage-voiced set. 

I recommend them cover free, but a solid metal cover is an option. 


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