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Lych VII - 7 String Humbucker

Lych VII - 7 String Humbucker

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The same components and design as my most popular humbuckers - The Lych Bells.

With the added dimensions to accommodate the 7th string, the resistance of these pickups are slightly hotter than standard, but have the same number of winds as the 6 string version. 

Available with Hidden Slugs (pictured) or Standard visible slugs. 

Made for the Doomers, Stoners and Droners. 

Wound to accentuate your mids for a deep, growling sound, while maintaining your high frequencies to keep you clear amongst all your downtunings, cranked tube amps, and walls of fuzz and overdrive. 

Standard Specs:

Double Slug, Alnico 3 Magnets. 

Neck: ~ 9.2k
Bridge: ~ 9.8K

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