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Lych Bell Humbucker

Lych Bell Humbucker

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Now made with bobbins and baseplates made in-house, with extremely durable materials also made in Canada. 

Made for the Doomers, Stoners and Droners. 

Wound to accentuate your mids for a deep, growling sound, while maintaining your high frequencies to keep you clear amongst all your downtunings, cranked tube amps, and walls of fuzz and overdrive. 

You may have heard Mike Scheidt of YOB playing a set of Lych Bells on recent tours. 

When used clean, the Alnico 3 gives this humbucker a sound almost reminiscent of a Telecaster pickup. While it's designed for heavy doom and drone, it can do so much more.

Highs are Bell-like, and the weaker Alnico 3 magnets pull on your strings far less than the more popular Alnico 2 and 5 pickups, which means added sustain.

Handmade in Canada.

Standard Specs:

Double Slug, Alnico 3 Magnets. 

Neck: ~ 7.6k
Bridge: ~ 8.2k

49.2mm vintage size. 


Raw and Unpolished Nickel cover may have small scratches and imperfections on them due to their nature, they come this way from the factory.
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