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Iommi Amp-top Obelisk Box

Iommi Amp-top Obelisk Box

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An Obelisk Altar from which the Godfather of Doom stands and can watch over your riffage. Designed to fit nicely on your Amp Head. 

The storage drawer fits 6 regular sized picks upright in the front for easy retrieval, and has an interior "stash" drawer to hold other little things you may need. 

Buffed bare resin finish. You can paint it or clear coat it if you want to! 

I designed the Obelisk and it is topped with a fantastic likeness of Tony Iommi modelled by Ronnie Yonk.  

Ships Free in North America

**Printed in Random Colours depending on bobbin colour production at the time of order. Follow me on Instagram for updates on any special colour runs! Translucency, colour and gloss may differ from the example photos.**


5.2" Tall x 3.4" Wide x 2" Deep 

Inner stash drawer 1.6" Tall x 1.5" Wide x 1.1" Deep

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