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*Please note I’m waiting for a delayed restock of some cover options for the H-90, turnaround could be increased by a week or two, but I will wind them upon order so they go out as soon as cover come in.*

Heretic-90s are wound to be as close to a real P-90 pickup as you can get in the humbucker format. Wound on bobbins of the same height as real P-90s, they retain the fatness and darkness you expect from full-size P-90s.

I wanted these pickups pickups to allow you to get some of the great classic P-90 doom tones from the likes of Tony Iommi and Dylan Carlson, but also remain clear through the cleans, and the walls of dirt.

Slightly overwound vs typical vintage P-90s for that mid presence I love. Alnico 3 magnets keep things from getting too dark.

The neck is RWRP for hum cancelling in middle position.

Neck: ~7.9k

Bridge: ~9.2k


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