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Cauldron Humbucker

Cauldron Humbucker

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The Widdershins Battle Mages have summoned forth a new pickup from the darkest corner of the Iron City of Dis, using their Cauldron of Forging. The Cauldron’s Humbucker blasts out a low rumble of the din of the flames of the underworld, and the ringing of iron and steel.

Will you join the army of Mages and try and tame one of these new constructs yourself?

Dual Blade Construction wound on special short bobbins with the same interior dimensions as a P-90 for a darker, fatter sound to embrace your low-end and push that dirt even further.

A2 Magnet



Bridge: ~12.5K

The bobbins are short enough to accommodate a cover. It uses the same "No Holes" cover as a Lych Bell humbucker, the blades sit under the cover.

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