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Cantrip PAF Humbucker

Cantrip PAF Humbucker

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Now made with bobbins and baseplates made in-house, with extremely durable plastic materials, also made in Canada. 

My take on the classic PAF humbucker design. Offset coil windings, wound to a nice vintage output with Alnico 2 magnets. 

They will also retain your highs for downtunings, but the Alnico 2s have great natural mid response, and offer a nice bite.

Anyone who plays DnD or similar tabletop games, knows that in a pinch a good Cantrip spell is your most reliable option. The Cantrip PAFs are versatile, workhorse pickups.

Handmade in Canada.

Standard specs:

Neck: ~ 6k
Bridge: ~ 7.6k

49.2mm vintage spacing


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