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Stiletto Surface Mount Pickups

Stiletto Surface Mount Pickups

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Pre-order for the first batch starts Feb 23rd. With Orders starting to ship in about 3 weeks. Please allow for 3-4 weeks for your shipping info to update.

Have you ever wanted to mount a pickup to something, without routing for it? Need your old archtop fitted with a pickup? Dream of that third humbucker? Or do you have something like a banjo where a normal pickup just won't work? If you're looking for something with the classic AlNiCo pickup sound, instead of something like a Piezo - then the Stiletto is perfect for you.

Wound with special half-sized AlNiCo 2 bar magnets, and vintage style Plain Enamel wire, the Stilettos feel and respond just like a regular pickup, packing a nice EQ and punch into a tiny space. The bar magnets are also wide enough to use on most 4 string basses.

Sitting at just 6.9mm tall (or 0.27") It can fit into many spaces, right under the strings of your instrument, with no need to route or alter it. 

Stilettos ship with a thin, low residue 3M double-sided adhesive, but you can also choose to have a pickup with mounting holes as well. 

Available in Humbucker or Single Coil Format.

Optional: Add a control box. $40 The Control box is a box that will come prewired to your pickup, with it's own Volume Pot and Jack. It can be mounted to the guitar just like the pickup and allow you to stick and play your pickup on anything, right away. Box and custom knob made and assembled in-house as well. 

Dimension & Specs:

6.9mm high (0.27")

82.6mm wide (3.25") x 36.5mm (1.56")  [humbucker] or 21.9mm (.86") [single coil] 

Screw tab models are an extra 7mm (.275") wide on each side, and the mount holes are 89.4mm (3.5") apart.

Single coil DCR: ~5.2k

Humbucker DCR: ~10.5k

Designed and manufactured in-house. Made as always with recycled material.

*not recommended for use on guitars with curved tops unless going for the mounting screw method, the tape likely won't stick well enough. Please test your guitar with the tape and remove gently, and where possible mount to a pickguard if using the tape. I'm not responsible for any damage down during installation or removal.

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